XFPS arrives at Fanboy Towers

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Richard Mitchell
December 29th, 2006
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XFPS arrives at Fanboy Towers

The XFPS -- a nifty adapter that allows keyboard and mouse controls on 360 -- showed up on our front step today. We have to admit the UPS guy was crazy good at evading our automated Nerf turrets. Naturally we tore right into the package, revealing an ordinary cardboard box. Inside of that was the XFPS and some instructions. All in all, a fairly unexciting unboxing ritual. We'll be testing this sucker in short order to give you the lowdown on how well it works, so stay tuned.

Oh, and If you've been eyeing one of these for yourself, pay attention, because the very unit you see pictured above could be yours. Once we put it through its paces, the XFPS will be hastily given away in a glee inducing contest. Until then, just dream of effortless head shots.
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