2007: the best year yet for PSP?

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Andrew Yoon
December 30th, 2006
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2007: the best year yet for PSP?
The media is so eager to predict Sony's doom in the upcoming year. While both the PSP and PS3 deserve some of the criticism they've been dealt, many ignore the fact that these two systems have a ton of potential, especially when linked together. Pocket Gamer has broken out of the usual mold and declared 2007 a year where PSP can truly shine, and have its best year yet. Some of the reasons?
  • A redesign? It's been rumored quite often. Will 2007 see a DS Lite-like revolution?
  • Price drop. The system has been at $200 US since its launch (if you consider the initial Value Pack to add $50 of bundled value).
  • Downloadable video content: partnerships with Amazon and other service providers may make the PSP a valuable media player.
  • Even better technology: we've seen progressively better graphics each year, and that's on a system running at 222MHz. The PSP is capable of 50% more horsepower: that can launch a whole new era of games.
There are even more reasons listed by Pocket Gamer, but to me it's clear: with an already excellent lineup of games coming down the pipeline, one should feel pretty excited about PSP's future.
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