The 2006 Engadget Awards

Well, we're all about to wave 2006 a very fond goodbye, but that doesn't mean we can't take a moment to reflect on all of this year's best (and worst) devices -- the very tech plunder we'll be using well into 2007. Welcome to the third annual Engadget awards!

We've set up 21 categories -- including most of our regular product categories, as well as best and worst gadget of 2006, and the most anticipated gadget of 2007 -- for you to cast your nominations. Here's how nominating works:

  • Leave a comment as you normally would with what you're nominating in each category (remember, comments must be validated!).

  • Don't include your reasons for nominating it or any of that stuff, just leaving the name is fine.

  • Limit your nominations only to devices (or technologies) that were introduced and sold for the first time in 2006 (which means no concept devices or prototypes, although we will allow updated versions of previous products).

  • Nominations only need be made once to be in the running, so make a quick scan to see if someone's already beat you to your suggestion (i.e., don't nominate anything more than once!).

  • We'll keep the nominations open until 11:59PM EST on Saturday, January 6th

The editors of Engadget will then round up the best nominations, and pick the finalists for each category. These will then be voted on for the Reader's Choice Awards -- we'll also select our own winners for the Engadget Editors' Awards (i.e. each category will have two awards). The vote will take place in January (probably after CES), and winners will be announced later that month.

Here are the different categories, please post your nominations on each page!

Good luck!

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