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Beware Microsoft's domain squatting faux pas

Jennie Lees

If you're an Xbox Live subscriber interested in getting your hands on a Diamond Card, beware. It seems that a typo on the website,, encourages users to email a non-Microsoft address if they believe their gamertag has been signed up to the site by someone else.

From Joystiq, which has the scoop:

Step 3: Notice the error message that says: "We're Sorry!!! That GamerTag has already been registered" Notice the following instructions: "If you believe that someone else has registered with your GamerTag, please send an email to"

Step 4: Notice that is registered with domain squatters. Oops! Hope nobody sent their Xbox Live account information (password, credit card information) to that email address! We further hope that whoever's receiving the deluge of emails isn't impersonating Microsoft and soliciting this information from Xbox Live customers.

Since the domain was recently listed on eBay, who knows what the squatters are going to do with the deluge of mis-registered gamertag emails. We hope Microsoft fix this blunder quickly--it doesn't exactly instil faith in the Diamond Card service.

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