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CoolIT Systems' liquid-cooled Xbox 360 rig

Ryan Block, @ryan

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You know, it occurs to us that between the overheating power supply and excruciatingly loud DVD drive (which is becoming increasingly notorious for scratching discs), liquid-cooling the Xbox 360 core isn't exactly the highest on our list of concerns. If your 360 works, it works, if it's crashing, well, then get it replaced. But what the hell, you were extravagant enough to crack into the ol' piggy bank for a a grand or so to pick one up on eBay, so might as well at least consider doing that 360 the favor of liquid cooling that three-core processor it's got. No word in CoolIT's release about how they actually plan to sell the rig or kit or whatever it is they've done though (pictured is one of their CPU coolers), so don't be too bummed if this is more just a proof-of-concept and not a marketable solution.

[Via The Inq]

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