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Norcent can't wait for CES

Kevin C. Tofel

So like, can someone remind us why we're traveling to Las Vegas this week? The way these electronics manufacturers keep pre-announcing their announcements, are we just flying out for the free peanuts? Add Norcent to the growing list; they've got a new line of LCDs and Plasmas to show us and in funky CE fashion, the line is hard to pronounce.

The VION collection (say it with me people: Veé-ohn) is for the fashionista that craves HD. The LCD line comes in three flavors; 20-, 27- and 32-inches and ranges in price from $650 to $1,300. The VION plasmas had a growth spurt over their LCD bretheren and top out at 42- and 50-inches. The 10,000:1 contrast ratio is particularly appealing in these PDPs but we'll just have to get a look-see later this week at the Norcent booth.The smaller PDP will set you back $2,400 or so; Norcent hasn't decided on the 50-inch price point, but you can bet we'll ask; for a price or a demo set. (Thanks Dave!)

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