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iRIVER G10 to enter handheld market

Blake Snow

According to Akihabara News, an iRIVER portable game system will be unveiled at CES 2006. Dubbed the G10, the handheld will play 3D games on a 800x400 screen. From the article: "The parent company of iRIVER, Reigncom, has announced the G10 for CES 2006. It's a console similar to the PSP or Nintendo DS but it runs on Windows Mobile 5 and has between 4 and 8GB of storage space."

We've seen many gaming handhelds perform poorly over the past few years, namely Nokia's n-Gage and the Gizmondo. While we don't want to wish failure upon anyone, it should be tough for the G10 to compete. While a three player home console market seems to be doing well, could a third player really compete in the handheld industry against a dominant Nintendo and vying Sony?

[Thanks, Aztech, via Engadget]

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