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Samsung also rolling out DVB-H and MediaFLO cellphones


Not to be outdone by LG's hat trick this morning, Samsung has also announced the expansion of their mobile digital TV support beyond DMB to now include both the DVB-H standard and Qualcomm's MediaFLO technology. While Samsung doesn't deliver any pics (that's their SCH-B300 DMB cellphone pictured) to back up their tit-for-tat claim, they will be showing off their DVB-H and FLO cellphones at CES this week. What does this all mean? Well, now South Korea-based LG and Samsung, who have long been slugging it out at home for DMB handset dominance, can take their campaign global. First to Europe in a attempt to grab landshare from Nokia and the emerging European DVB-H broadcast services and then to the US as the FLO rollout looms near. This type of fierce competition can only be good news for consumers.

[Via MobileMentalism, Thanks Mike]

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