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IPEVO's new FLY.1 handset and Xing speakerphone for Skype


IPEVO is showing off some new Skype compatible products: the FLY.1 wireless handset and the Xing speakerphone. The Xing USB speakerphone does about as much as its title implies, and has four speakers for reaching the deep recesses of your conference room. The FLY.1 does the wireless thing with a USB base station and packs in a small screen for your numeric viewing pleasure. It feels good in the hand, but doesn't really pack in many surprises. Read on for a pic of the Xing and a some live shot of the FLY.1 next to IPEVO's slightly more inspired, if tethered, FREE.1.

The Xing speakerphone

FLY.1 vs. FREE.1

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