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Scenic Routes

Mike D'Anna

I had the unique pleasure of helping out an MMORPG newbie in the game today, and while we were running around Darkshire, they couldn't help but gush on & on about the sheer beauty of some of the scenery in the game. The waterfall north of Auberdine, the view from the Hippogriff route to Darnassus; they talked about it like an actual tourist on vacation. It made me realize that, I've been playing this game for so long now, that I almost take the scenery for granted.

So much care & detail went into even some of the most obscure & remote areas of the game, and there are plenty of spectacular views & vistas throughout the land. What are some of your favorite scenic spots or landmarks in the game? Any places you'd take a new player to try and really dazzle them? Give me some ideas, here...

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