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Survey: What was your first Apple product?

David Chartier

From everything we've heard, Apple had quite the strong holiday season, with lucky new Mac and iPod owners across the world. Top that off with snowballing buzz surrounding their (hopefully) imminent switch to Intel chips, and we thought it would be a good time to check in with our readers and ask: what was your first Apple-related product, and when did you get it?

Let's get reminiscent. Was your first helping of Apple goodness a mere couple of weeks ago, when you picked up an iPod or AirPort Express over the holidays? Or are you (somehow) reading TUAW on your original Apple II? Whether you've been upgrading with every new Mac iteration through the years or you're still unpacking your first iMac with iSight, we'd like to hear when and what product brought you along for the ride on the Apple bandwagon.

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