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Toshiba announces Gigashot hard drive camcorders ... again

Marc Perton

It was just about this time last year that Toshiba first announced its plans for Gigashot digital camcorders, and other than the puny 4GB Gigashot V10, the company came up a little short. Now Toshiba is announcing the line yet again, though this time it looks like there may some actual shipping products behind the announcement. The company is showing what look like actual production models of the GSC-R30 and GSC-R60, which use 1.8-inch hard drives, record in MPEG-2, and can capture still images at 2 megapixels. Both models are due out in February (at least that's what Toshiba's telling us), with the 30GB R30 selling for $799 and the 60GB R60 going for $999.

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