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Adimos wireless video iPod dock

Evan Blass

As you all know, we've got kind of a thing for gadgets 'round these parts. Sure, we can be critical and even mocking of certain products, but in the end, a gadget is a gadget is a gadget, right? Well, that's true only if it works. Meet the wireless iPod dock by Adimos, which promises to stream video content from a 5G 'Pod to the display device of your choice. Does it use WiFi? Nah. Does it use Bluetooth? Negative. RF? Nope. IR? Try again. We'll stop right there, because you could name every single wireless standard and still not come up with Adimos' proprietary ADM200 that is required for streaming from your PMP. Does your TV support ADM200? Another big no right there, because only an unnamed European manufacturer has commited to including this tech in their sets. Oh well, it's nice to dream.

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