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CES: Jensen almost wireless ATSC tuner

Matt Burns

And here I was getting all excited. I thought that we were going to get a USB ATSC tuner here in the States like they have over in Asia thanks to Jensen. But no, not yet. Jensen has a USB drive that does preforms a similar task. It allows you to stream a signal from a tuner inside of a desktop to a laptop.

The press release indicates that the USB dongle will transmit a digital signal from an ATSC tuner, but it does not say if that signal is HD. I am not saying that 480p is a bad thing on a 15-inch screen, but it kind is a let down, isn't?

In fact, not to rain on Jensens parade, but Orb lets you do the same thing from any WIFI hotspot, including the one you probably have in you house. Plus, you do not have to buy anything besides the mentioned tuner.

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