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CES: Xbox 360 booth


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Microsoft had their Xbox 360 display neatly tucked away in the corner of their massive CES booth space. Besides a faceplate montage and a media tutorial given by the Major himself, fans were treated to 12 playable units which featured launch titles like Kameo and PDZ, along with current release, DOA4, and several Xbox Live Arcade titles.

In addition, demos of Fight Night Round 3 (the most popular spectacle at the booth), Full Auto, and Dead Rising were on-hand. Dead Rising was the only new experience to be had, since Fight Night is available for download via the Xbox Live Marketplace and Full Auto can be had by purchasing the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine. We would have liked to have gotten a taste of the new Ghost Recon, TimeShift, The Outfit, Saint's Row or even an updated look at Oblivion. Guess not. These games are coming out soon, right?

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