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KVH Mobile Internet receiver with MSN TV

Kevin C. Tofel

Just as we're starting to get used to the IPTV at home concept, KVH decides to band with Microsoft for MSN TV and Internet access on the road. If you're a RV enthusiast, drive a yacht, or if you just hate to go home (we won't ask), the new KVH Mobile Internet receiver might be just the ticket. KVH embedded an EV-DO receiver into the unit, so you'll see surfing speeds in the standard 400 - 700 kbps range for EV-DO. MSN TV on the road is nice, but a WiFi radio in the receiver morphs you into a mobile hotspot, which is even better. Expect your friends to be hangin' around more often if you snap one of these up and let the communal surfing begin. Take your time on the purchase decision; KVH doesn't expect the new receiver to become available until mid-year. We're sure to find the pricing details around the same time.

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