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Need a painful Wicked Laser pointer?

Kevin C. Tofel

We dumped our itty-bitty laser pointers some time ago. They had their time and sure it was fun to pop a dot on your least fav peeps from a football field away, but the novelty just wore off too quick. These new Class IIIB lasers from Wicked Lasers in China might not ever wear off, at least not if you get tagged with one. After watching the videos of these bad boys in action, we urge you keep the proper end pointing away. If your government allows you to own one, expect to buck up anywhere from $99 to $559 for his powerful package, depending on how much damage you plan to inflict. Check out the feature set and decide if you're content to have a visible dot, cauterize open cuts, melt plastic or have the ultimate legal (or illegal) laser.

[via I4U]

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