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SatuGO: 3 megapixel camera in a ball concept...yeah, it's bouncy


Hey, there is life outside of CES afterall. Proof: satuGo's camera-mounted-in-a-ball concept. The 3 megapixel camera has a timer for delayed snaps and built-in accelerometer allowing it to sense bounces, max altitude, and such for capturing a variety of unusual shots or recordings. The camera, battery, 1GB of memory and diodes (for flash photography) are housed in a rugged, rubber-wrapped casing for protection while being tossed about. It can also double-up as a webcam for those more restful moments. You know, there's just something inexplicably appealing to seeing things from an inanimate objects point of view, dontchathink? Estimated street price: $69. Click-on for a few more pics.

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