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CES: 103-inch Panasonic plasma - biggest in the world

Matt Burns

Folks, let me introduce you to the biggest plasma in the world: a 103-incher by Panasonic. Yeah, Samsung is no longer the reigning king with a 102-inch plasma as Panasonic is now the king of the hill by just one inch. Of course the set is 1080p; I do not think Panasonic would dare to show up at CES with out it. There is no word yet if this model will be available for purchase, but you can count on it costing more then a lot of houses.

More then likely the set was manufactured as a tech demo/research project. They had to rethink the cell structure that holds the phosphor in creating this big huge plasma. The research that went into this monster however is sure to trickle down to models that most people can afford.

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