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CES: High-end DLP front projectors from Samsung

Matt Burns

Samsung is not new to DLP. In fact, they are primarily the reason that DLP TVs have rose so quickly in popularity. They are presenting the projector market with two new DLP based units. They both are based on the TI HD2 Dark Chip 3 DMD (did you follow that) and are suppose to be able to produce blacks that are comparable to CRT based projectors. While I am not calling them a liars I really do not believe that statement till I can see one.

Both projectors come with the normal array of inputs like DVI-D (HDCP compliant), component, S-Video and VGA. The lack of HDMI threw me off for a second but do you really need to send the digital audio to the projector; no, so DVI makes sense.

Both units are currently on Samsung's website and are available for purchase. The SP-H710AE goes for $4,000 and its big brother, the SP-H800BE, $12,000. It is to bad that the later of the two is not 1080p.

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