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DS and PSP equal in sales?

Blake Snow

First, Nintendo announces 13 million DS's sold worldwide, now Next-Generation tries their hand at math prediction. The article implies that Sony's PSP may or may not be at around the same number of 13 million units sold after the holiday shopping season. Sony announced in October that the PSP has sold 10 million units (3 million in the US). In December, SCEA's Kaz Hirai said PSP's U.S installed base would be doubled during the peak holiday season, from three to six million. 10 million plus three million equals 13 million.

This is of course assuming that Sony hit their 3 million double mark, but maybe the race for portable market share is closer than it appears. Doubling the first three million US units might have been unattainable though. DS Fanboy writes: "In related, competitive fanboy news, the PSP has sold only 2.7 millions units as of December 1, 2005. That is during a smaller life span, but the main culprit has got to be the lack of quality games for Sony's black portable."

The difference, if any, is that the DS has sold 13 million units to gamers, while the PSP may or may not have sold 13 million to gamers, gadget freaks, music fans, and movie goers alike.

[via DS Fanboy]

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