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Philips CES Booth Tour

Kevin C. Tofel

Did Philips follow their "sense and simplicity" theme? We didn't take their word for it; we gave ourselves a self-guided booth tour. Check the pics and you be the judge.

Gratuitous Blu-Ray p0rn followed by an encore.

Itty-bitty 512 MB portable audio device with display, mini-SD slot, FM tuner and voice recorder.

About an inch thick; not bad.

We caught folks playing electronic Scrabble on the Entertable.

Wireless audio had some good floor space.

Philips Ambilight doesn't work well with a flash pic.

Oh, that's much better. Bad pic of the display, but the Ambilight appeared to help with contrast and brightness to the eye.

Nice use of the side inputs from Phillips.

Philips does realize that portable audio needs to be portable, right? No, they had this in a palm-sized form-factor too.

Looks similar to a Logitech Fusion web cam, but handles 90 fps.

Last up was a rollable paper display, well almost last.

We keep our Senseo under glass too. Really.

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