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Realm iD3 puts a PC on a USB stick

Marc Perton

The iD3 from Realm Systems isn't the first full computer-on-a-stick solution; we checked out the BlackDog Linux box a few months ago. Like the BlackDog unit, the iD3 squeezes a processor, RAM, storage and a fingerprint reader into a tiny box that connects to a host PC via its USB port, and runs all applications locally, while using the host's monitor and keyboard. The iD3 also includes built-in VPN software to enable users to access their corporate networks from anywhere. No word on what other software is installed, how much memory is available and how much this will sell for. But we assume the OS is some variant of Linux, and that pricing will be in line with the BlackDog box, which goes for $200 and up, depending on available memory.

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