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CES mop-up: 14% of PS2 games are really 3D


SplitFish also had their EyeFX 3D Adapter on display. According to the company, since many PS2 games are rendered in true 3D, before being flattened into a 2D image, it's possible, with the EyeFX, to restore these titles--approximately 14% of the PS2 library--to their original 3D glory. A neat demo disc showed off the effect, as we watched a tiny insect fly out of the screen and hover just a few inches from our eyes. Cool. But that was a demo, what about those "3D" games?

SplitFish whipped out Ace Combat 4, which the company claimed showcased the EyeFX better than any other title. All we saw was a choppy image that made us airsick. But apparently, the rep couldn't get the "3D sensitivity" properly tweaked before the time limit in the arcade mission expired... at least your $50 will buy you a rockin' pair of shades.

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