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CES: Samsung's DLP with out a lamp

Matt Burns

What is the biggest drawback to DLP? The lamp. A person simply cannot buy one of these sets as a primary TV without replacing a lamp at least every couple of years. They have an average of 4-6 thousand hour life and six hours a day equates to 2000 a year. You do the math and at a couple of hundred a piece, they can add up.

So what does the leader in DLP TVs do? Samsung just gets rid of it. They are replacing the lamp with a LED cluster that has a life of 20,000 hours. Since LEDs can produce color, they rid themselves of the color wheel too!

So the new DLPs by Samsung last a lot longer thanks to LEDs, do not produce rainbow affects thanks to LEDs, and check this out, accept and display 1080p signals. Remind me again why I never liked DLPs? I sure cannot remember.

The DLP will be available in April at a cost of around $4,200 for the 56-inch.

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