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Philips hopes for 3D HD in 2008

Kevin C. Tofel

We'd be happy for more 2D high-def, but 3D is on the radar for Philips according to top brass, Rudy Provoost. While Philips overhauls their product line they've decided to give the whole 3D thing a try. We can't fault 'em for that, since it's been tried before, right? No need for the content to be in 3D from Hollywood since Provoost is thinking a 2D high-def disc might be upconverted. Uh, Rudy, we're not even through the current high-def DVD format war, so let's not make things worse with upconversion, 'k? Philips is geekin' out the 3D in their labs, so there's nothing to see here just yet, but you have to wonder if they'll push for some silly 3D spec in the Blu-Ray format they back. Where's the sense and simplicity in that?

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