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Toolbox Player (?) sports an iPod dock

Evan Blass

Contrary to popular belief, the Engadget crew has not always possessed the gadget wonkiness that drives us to work 18 hour days at CES. In fact, it was only a bite from a radioactive Aibo that endowed us with our super powers of gadget recall and grating snarkiness. Before this life-changing encounter with the rabid robodog, we were only mere mortals making ends meet in construction, plumbing, painting, and the like. The point of this rambling intro is that we got pretty sick of carrying both a toolbox and a boombox to the job site everyday, and longed for the day when some visionary manufacturer would ease the burden of our heavy load. Well even though it's several years too late for us, our dream of a combination toolbox-boombox has come to fruition, in the form of product we're pretty sure is called the Toolbox Player. While seemingly still in the prototype stage, this handyman's best friend sports not only an AM/FM tuner but an iPod dock as well, although it's price and availability are still up in the air. Three cheers for convergence.

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