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Westinghouse's 56-inch 4x 1080p LCD

Marc Perton

Forget those puny 1080p displays. If you want really high definition, check out Westinghouse's 56-inch, 3840x2160 LCD display. That's a full eight megapixels, or 4 times 1080p, for those of you doing the math at home. But don't expect to buy one of these anytime soon. The display, which will be available commercially later this year, is targeted at specialty markets that need ultra-high resolution, like the medical imaging community. Or, we assume, the mega-rich. For the record, we assume that this is actually made by Taiwan's Chi Mei, which showed a 56-inch display under its own name a few months ago, and which is a "manufacturing partner" of Westinghouse. Chi Mei was quoted as estimating that their display would go for about $10,000, so we suspect to see the Westinghouse available at a similar price point.

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