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Ceiva announces 15-inch, $599 digital picture frame

Marc Perton

The allure of Ceiva's digital picture frames has always been twofold: there's the low initial price (as little as $100) combined with the ease-of-use (give one to the grands so they can catch pics of the kids, and they don't have to do anything to keep up-to-date). Now, Ceiva is about to challenge the first part of that equation with a high-end, high-priced display, the Ceiva Portrait. To be rolled out later this year, the 15-inch Portrait (which, despite its name, is designed to be used in landscape mode) will sell for $599 to $699 depending on the package purchased, and will include three years of membership in Ceiva's subscription service (like earlier Ceivas, the Portrait will require a subscription in order to download photos via the internet; local loading of pics isn't supported). The display will hold 100 pictures at once, and can connect to the internet via broadband and WiFi, in addition to dial-up. Ceiva also announced a set-top box designed to turn any flat-panel TV into a Ceiva receiver, along with a pocket-sized digital photo album that can be connected to any Ceiva unit to download pictures. Pricing for the set-top and pocket display was not announced.

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