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CES: You think you're sick of next generation DVD's? So are retailers


The CEO's of Best Buy and Circuit City took time during panel discussions at CES to tell them exactly how unhappy it makes them that sometime this year, they will try to sell you a $1000 next generation DVD player knowing full well you may have to come back a few years later and buy another one.

That I don't believe at all, which is why I wondered if retailers may be the only ones benefiting from this conflict, but one thing I definitely agree with, is that the prospect of conflicting formats will negatively affect sales as customer wait for a winner. Confused and frightened customers who stay out of stores on Black Friday 2006 is what keeps both of these men awake at night, and I'm sure they'd love to do without figuring out how much shelf and advertising space, not to mention employee training they will have to devote to both formats.

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