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Microyal's 4-in-1 Health Fan Heater

Evan Blass

While cruising through the Sands expo area we lost our way and found ourselves wandering around the wacky wilderness of the foreign manufacturer section. While most booths contained the schwagiest of schwaggy knockoffs, other companies' products, or a thousand and one connectors, wires, and circuit boards, we spotted a neat little device at the Microyal Industrial table. As you're well aware, we are all about healthifying our gadgets by adding nanocoatings or ionizers or spit-stress tests, so the 4-in-1 Health Fan Heater really caught our eye. Resembling a small bird cage, the HFH features a speed-adjustable fan that distributes heat, negative ions, and "far-infrared rays" which we're sure will keep us from ever getting sick or dying. Price and availability are kind of pointless here, no?

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