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Adobe targets Aperture with Lightroom


Remember when Steve said that Aperture is not a competitor to Adobe's products, but a companion? Perhaps Adobe didn't take Steve's message to heart. Earlier today at Macworld, Adobe released the public beta of Lightrooom, a new, professional digital imaging application that has much of the same functionality as Aperture.

Adobe states that their focus with Lightroom is the image itself. As such, Lightroom's UI features a "Lights Out" mode, which allows the tools and pallets to fade into the background at a single click, emphasizing the image itself. Similar to Aperture, Lightroom also sports a zoom feature, allowing you to focus on a specific area of detail.

You can download the 111MB beta from the Adobe-Macromedia Labs website. Recommended system requirements are Mac OS X 10.4.3, 1GHz PowerPC G4 processor, 768MB RAM and a 1024x768 resolution display. Pricing and future release dates have not been made available.

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