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Sandvox public beta available


A few years ago, Karelia software released the great Watson, an internet search utility for Mac OS X. Many loved it, and I still use it all the time, in fact. Shortly after that successful release, Apple produced a version of its own Sherlock that bore a strikingly uncanny resemblance to Watson. Eventually, Karelia discontinued development of Watson and sold the technology to Sun Microsystems.

More recently, Karelia has begun work on a WYSIWYG web editor for the Mac called Sandvox, and limited beta testing was begun in October. It really looks great and we've been watching its development for a while now. Today, however, the folks at Karelia are getting that sinking feeling all over again.

With the rumor swirling that Steve will introduce a new application called "iWeb" at tomorrow's keynote, Karelia have made the public beta of Sandvox available today, a little earlier than they had initially planned. I've only played with it very briefly so far, but some of the templates really look great. Good luck to Karelia.

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