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Sprint goes down across the West Coast due to fiber-optics cut


Sprint Nextel just had a doozy of an outage out West, affecting their wireless, long-distance, and internet customers. Turns out a fiber-optic cable was cut near Phoenix, which did double damage since there were network repairs ongoing in Reno that had them routing all the regional data through Pheonix. They say they're dropping the maintenance in Reno for now so they can get online as soon as possible, but there still isn't an estimated time of when they'll get service going again. Let us know if you've been hit by this, and if you're back online yet, though of course you probably won't be reading this if you have been affected. So call before you dig, and pray for your unfortunate Sprint-served brethren in the West that they might know the ping, and that the ping would set them free.

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