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Apple announces iWork 06

David Chartier

Apple also announced iWork 06 at today's keynote, bringing major updates to both Pages and Keynote, though some kind of much-requested spreadsheet application did not arrive. New in Pages 2 are more Apple-designed Templates, 3D charts, freeform curves, shapes and masks, tables with calculations (semi-spreadsheet abilities), Mail Merge with Address Book and reviewer comments which allow you to add reminders, comments and todo lists in a document sidebar.

Keynote 3 gains HD themes, cinematical transitions, 3D charts, the same freeform curves, shapes and masks as Pages, tables with calculations and the same reviewer comment features.

iWork 06 has the same pricing scheme as iLife 06: $79 for a single license, $99 for a 5-pack, and is available now from Apple's online store.

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