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Dell 3007WFP reviewed

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're a little peeved that we don't (yet) have three or four for every every Engadget editor's desk, but PC Mag got to take a good long look into the giant 30-inch eye of Dell's new flagship monitor, the 3007WFP. What'd they think of the Engadget Best of CES 2006 winner? Well, they gave it a 4/5 and their pick as Editor's choice, and were into its consistent image, contrast ratio, and grayscale performance. Not so hot, apparently, was its backlight uniformity, and the fact that you're gonna need an adapter with dual-link DVI to handle this bad mamma jamma. Yeah, we know dems the breaks, but if you're thinking about a diametrically perfect accessory to your cute little laptop, think again (unless you just got a new HD PowerBook, that is).

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