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Game advertising agency launched

Blake Snow

An in-game-only advertising agency (Engage) has been launched to bring advertisers and games together in perfect harmony. Well, not quite perfect, but together none-the-less. This would make sense since television viewership among men 18 to 34 has dropped 12% while the same group spent 20% more time playing, you guessed it, video games.

Next-Generation writes: "David Smith, vice president of business development for Engage said, 'Since it’s a relatively new medium, many companies are unaware of the promotional reach and creative flexibility videogame advertising can provide when trying to target the elusive 18- to 34-year-old male audience.' He added, 'When done correctly — and the in-game ads contextually support the game environment — we’re finding gamers are in favor of videogame advertising because it enhances the realism of the game play.'"

In short, expect more advergaming in the not so distant future.

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