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Toshiba Core Duo Qosmio G30/596LS, Dynabook VX/780LS, SS SX

Marc Perton

Toshiba's latest Qosmio looks very similar to the unnamed HD DVD model we peeped at CES, but for now we're going to assume it's a slightly different unit, since the specs make no mention of HD DVD, and we assume Toshiba isn't about to leave that out if it's included. The Qosmio G30/596LS has a 17-inch WUXGA display, HD tuner and a Core Duo processor (the case appears to be identical the Qosmio G20). The model is due out in Japan in February, and an unspecified "gratuitousness upgrade" (hey, that's how it's translated) is available in March, which may give this an HD DVD drive. Toshiba's other new Core Duo offering is a Dynabook VX/780LS, which comes with a T2300 at 1.66Ghz, 1GB RAM, 100GB drive, and a 15-inch display. A second Dynabook, the SS SX, looks to have similar processing power, but with a smaller form factor and a 12-inch display. Both Dynabooks are due out in Japan this month.

[Via Akihabara News]

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