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Women: Does Sony's new Bravia do anything for you?

Matt Burns

Sony is marketing their newest LCD line, Bravia, as a "the world's first television for men and women." Sure, we all know that there needs to be a more diverse offering in terms of HDTV programming, but is there really a TV that is meant just for men?

The new Sony Bravia's are sexy looking, that is for sure. They are sleek with the black bezel and the strip of brushed aluminum at the bottom. But so are a lot of other TVs. Hitachi makes a line of Ultravision LCDs that are extremely similar but has cleaner lines. Panasonic makes a nice looking LCD and so does Sharp. So does this TV really strike a different cord with women? Maybe.

The only way to find out if it is just marketing hype or it is really true is to ask the women. Does the look of these Sony TVs look any better to you?

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