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Neuros to release Recorder III, Neuros III DAC, 442 Version 2

Evan Blass

Good old Neuros, makers of such products as the 442 PMP and MPEG-4 recorder, are getting all gushy with open source again. The Register is reporting that in a private demo at CES, Neuros revealed that its upcoming Video Recorder (the Recorder III, pictured, for those of you keeping track) and Neuros III DAC MP3 player will be Linux-based and feature dual-core TI CPUs. Additionally, the company will update the 442 to the 442v2, giving it DVD-quality recording, 40GB or 60GB configurations, 3.6-inch TFT LCD, and like the other upcoming devices, 96KHz, 24-bit sound. The Recorder III is a hard drive-based unit that will supposedly sport Ethernet and possibly WLAN and an FM transmitter, like the 442v2. As if this wasn't enough, they also promise to ship an updated version of the Recorder II with a hard drive, a quarter prior to the Recorder III's tentative Q3 release. The 442v2 is said to be available "Q2/Q3," the DAC in Q1 2007, but no pricing info is available for these nor any of the other announced products.

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