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9-year-old dreams of PSP he doesn't have

Mister Jalopy at Hoopty Rides writes about his friend Jose Luis Junior, a 9-year-old who dreams of having a PSP. He's taken to drawing life-size models of Sony's svelte black handheld, studied the specs, the games, the minutiae. Jalopy recalls his desire for an Atari 2600, as I recalled mine for a Sega Genesis.

Winter of '89: my only desire, for years following its announcement until its release, was the Genesis; day and night, Genesis; specs memorized; launch games categorized. It was intoxicating. Of course I didn't get it on Christmas and when I did, the reality of the unit never lived up to my expectations. Since that launch I've learned to temper my hopes (don't let me down Revolution!).

Oh yeah, there's a happy ending. They raised enough money to buy the PSP. Hopefully he'll enjoy it as much as he did making those drawings.

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