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Game magazine subscription data

Vladimir Cole

For numbers geeks, here's a little statistic courtesy Mediamark Research Inc. on a few of the big names in the games magazine business.

If we were to check these figures again when they're updated in June, which magazines do you expect will gain and which will lose readers? Or are they all doomed to lose readers?

The first number below is the number of verified paid subscriptions that the magazine mails out each month. The second number is the total estimated reach of the magazine, including factors that tend to result in increased magazine readership (for example: magazines tend to be passed around or left in the loo for others to befoul read).

  • Computer Gaming World: 206,923/1,630,000
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly: 549,165/3,166,000
  • Game Informer: 2,036,751/2,036,751
  • GamePro: 406,257/2,736,000
  • Official Xbox Magazine: 409,206/3,885,000
  • PC Gamer: 261,989/2,782,000
  • PSM: 322,958/2,677,000
  • Official U.S. Playstation Magazine: 254,369/5,075,000

Nope. That's not a typo. Game Informer really is several times larger than their nearest competitor. How did they manage that? And why the heck is the Official U.S. Playstation Magazine passed around so much than all the other publications?

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