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Jacko wants cops to seize and destroy 25 to Life

In a letter to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Miami anti-games lawyer Jack Thompson suggested California police officers seize and destroy all copies of the controversial upcoming title 25 to Life. Thompson writes:

"Additionally, please know that California Civil Code Section 3495 enables and authorizes each and every law enforcement officer to walk into any video game store, without a court order, to seize and destroy each and every copy of 25 to Life. California law treats this as acceptable 'abatement' of a public nuisance by parties particularly endangered by such a nuisance... In the next six days I intend to take to the public airwaves in California, and to use other means, to encourage all law enforcement officers in California to in fact go into video game stores and seize all copies of 25 to Life."

While I highly doubt Eidos, the game's publisher, would agree with Jack's interpretation of California law, it's more disturbing that he is encouraging the destruction of content he finds inappropriate. Without getting too hyperbolic and invoking Godwin's Law, history hasn't looked favorably on all the people who've destroyed works they found offensive.

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