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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9 reviewed

Marc Perton

You'd think there wouldn't be much more to say about Sony's DSC-T9 other than that it's light, thin, takes decent pics and sells for about $450. But CNET has given the cam a once-over, and finds much more to talk about, declaring it a "great tool whether you're a casual shooter or a more serious photographer." Outstanding features cited by the reviewer include an "above-average" 6-megapixel imager, 58MB of internal memory, image stabilization, and a handy slideshow mode that lets you use the camera as a pocket photo album. Despite an overall positive impression, CNET did find some problems with the camera's lens, including sluggish low-light performance and relatively unsaturated colors. Despite these misgivings, the reviewer declared the T9 "darn good for an ultracompact snapshot camera."

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