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Uwe Boll listed as possible Metal Gear film director

Ross Miller

Guess who's thumbing through the official Metal Gear Solid script? According to 1up, it is none other than Uwe Boll himself. 1up has been in contact with Mr. Boll via e-mail (remember the crazy interview from a few days back?) and has learned that Konami has sent the famed German director a copy of the script.

The (debatably) good news is that Konami is moving forward on plans to make a Metal Gear Solid movie. The bad news is that Kojima does not seem to be involved (he did not write the script and would likely not direct) and Uwe Boll may be the director. No other details are currently available. Though Mr. Boll is reading the film's script, he is set to be pretty busy with other upcoming game-to-film adaptations and probably will not have time in the next few years to commit to such a project.

[Thanks, CapAmerica and Ned Fetterhoff]

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