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Bruckheimer considers Prince of Persia movie

Ross Miller

Here's some Boll-less movie news you might enjoy: explosion-friendly producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Rock, Kangaroo Jack, and about 60 other films over the last 20 years) has mentioned, albeit briefly, that he and his crew "have this thing called Prince of Persia, which is a big video game, that we're considering doing."

A consideration means very little, and the project would be one of 10 films and TV shows the prolific producer has planned between now and 2007. Still, with a man like Bruckheimer producing, you could expect at least a half-competent director and some fabulous eye candy.

Since all we can do is speculate, might as well facilitate: who would you want to see in a film adaptation of Prince of Persia?

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