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EarthPulse Biomagnetic Supplementation improves your life

Evan Blass

File under: "Yet another way to throw your money away." The EarthPulse Biomagnetic Supplementation system is basically a $500 disc that you place under your mattress, attached to a control unit sending out magnetic waves, that promises to "enhance your strength, stamina and 'focus' beyond your expectations or your money back." Apparently the waves, like, totally make you sleep better, and a bunch of people will reiterate that fact over and over in the video testimonials. If nothing else, EarthPulse certainly got their money's worth on their site's flash intro (but not on the site itself, sadly), which looks pretty pro even though blasting loud music to promote a sleep aid seems a little counterintuitive to us. Read on to see what else flushing your C notes gets you...

[Via Strange New Products]

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