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Karelia: "Lightning has indeed struck twice"


This has got to be frustrating. In an attempt to avoid a repeat of the Watson/Sherlock debacle, the folks at Karelia Software made an earlier-than-originally-planned public beta release of Sandvox available. Sandvox is a super-simple, WYSIWYG web editor that makes web site construction easy and fun. Sound a little like iWeb? I realize that no one has the exclusive rights to web editors, but the timing here is really unfortunate. From the Sandvox blog:

"...some of the biggest limitations of iWeb (.mac only, not pluggable, no ability for HTML content) can become strengths for Sandvox. As we move forward past version 1.0, we will be able to further distinguish Sandvox from iWeb by focusing on features that our users demand that will never be a part of the iLife suite." Competition of this sort usually drives the production of better products. I, for one, am looking forward to what Karelia has in store.

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