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NYC wants Sony to remove PSP graffiti ads

Ross Miller

If you thought those PSP graffiti ads were annoying, you weren't alone. Peter Vallone Jr., a City Council member in New York, is calling out, saying the ad campaign is illegal and encourages vandalism. Vallone Jr. is asking Sony to clean up the ads and donate $20,000 to the city's anti-graffiti program.

For Sony to oblige and clean hire a clean-up crew seems like a good idea, as the campaigns seems to have sparked a backlash and the cost to the company would be barely noticeable, but Sony is defending its ad campaign. According to a spokesperson, "it's how we're using the space that's different [than most advertising]." If removal is not an option, there's still hope that Sony has learned not to try graffiti campaigning in the future.

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