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Woes of a Carebear


I really should be on a PvE server.

I was randomly questing this morning when I came upon a Tauren 2 or 3 levels below me fighting a mob. I did what I usually do, which is /wave and move on, because I know what a low blow it is for a Warrior to charge an already engaged opponent. As I was moving off, I got ganked by a priest and a mage, both of which were 6-7 levels higher than me. They then proceeded to corpse camp me until I logged off in frustration. They must have seen me spare the Tauren, yet they continued to gank and CC me.

Now, I have never played on a PvE server. There is a hardcore gamer in me that refuses to let me "wimp out" and go PvE. I acknowledge that I am a carebear, but how can other people take so much joy in being jerks? I enjoy PvP, and defeating another player in a fair fight is one of the biggest rushes I get playing WoW, but the sneakiness makes me want to roll a rogue named "Gankilicious" or some such and just sit in the barrens ganking people ALL THE TIME.

I could never do that, but in moments of anger I imagine the ganker's monitor melting from the sheer rage being directed at them. Anyway, if you see a Gankilicious rampaging through the Barrens, you'll know that I've finally been pushed over the edge. And if the name "Gankilicious" is already taken, I apologise and humbly suggest that you rock out with your bad self.

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